RockGARD Trailer Guard

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RockGARD Trailer Guard


Protection for your boating investment!
Why spend thousands on a water craft and leave it unprotected?
RockGARD is a new, patented trailer guard that protects the part of your boat that often gets forgotten about when traveling – the vulnerable hull. What’s protecting the hull from gravel, rocks and other debris that flies up from the highway or back roads we’re following to the lake? Until now, there was nothing to protect the exposed underside of your vessel.

Easily washable, durable, easy to install and remove for safe access when launching your boat, available in many colours, available in 9 sizes, a smart and stylish accessory for your boat.

    Don’t throw your hard-earned cash away on costly travel damage – find out how you can install RockGARD today!

    How to size your RockGARD
    There are just 2 easy steps required for determining the proper size RockGARD for your personal water craft or boat.
    First, measure from the top of the trailer frame to the top of the bow as shown in the chart below. Second, use the list below to determine which RockGARD size to order.
    List of sizes available includes: (trailer to bow measurement in inches)
        PWC  is 27″ high x 7 1/2′ long
        Reg.  is 27″ high x 8′ long
        Med. & Med XL are 33″ high x 9 1/2′ & 11 3/4′ long
        LG & LG XL are 39″high x 10 1/2′ & 13 1/2′ long
        Maxx & Maxx XL are 47″ high x 12′ & 14 1/2′ long
        Picklefork for double bow boats is 35″ high x 13 1/2″ long


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